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USA Virtual Phone Number :: 

Get your own USA Phone number for Free : ( example  +1 360 254 6878 ) 
Get a USA phone number that rings in your home country , just using internet line and PC .
With USA Virtual phone number you`ll get :
1- Your own U.S Telephone number even if you are living outside USA for FREE.
2- Receive Free unlimited international phone calls.
3- Receive FREE voice messages from any worldwide landline / mobile phone to your email.
Make unlimited FREE phone calls to USA and Canada .
The next few pages will teach you how to get your own PRIVATE and FREE phone number in US where
 you can receive voice messages and calls . 
You'll receive this call Just using internet line and PC anywhere in the world . The USA/Canada residents will call 
you at their local tariff rate using their own landline & mobile phones .
Also , you can receive calls from International friends . They'll pay their local tariff calling rate to US destination ,
or simply they can use any VOIP Pc 2 phone program like BhCall.com .
Why Do I need U.S telephone number .. ? 
- If you are operating website / online business and do not want to give your local/private telephone number . 
- If you have, or want to have, clients in the U.S then you need a US telephone number .
- If you have friends/family in USA/Canada and want to receive Free international calls then you need U.S telephone
 number . 




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